Project Mega Pack launches Airbus A330-300 for MSFS

For a long time, people were looking forward to this. Today, 3:30 PM Eastern Time, time has come. Project Mega Pack has just released their Airbus A330-300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, after 4 months of work. The aircraft is also listed here on, but until Wednesday at least, download is exclusive for Project Mega Pack Discord members, Clink123 says. To download this plane before Wednesday, you'll need to get a Discord account (if you haven't already), join the Project Mega Pack server and find the download link there. Starting on Wednesday, the aircraft will also be available for download via their website.

A liveries pack with almost 30 real life liveries is also included with initial release, among them are Air Canada, Air France, Emirates, FedEx Cargo, Finnair, Qantas and many more.


It has been a long week, but we are ready to release an initial beta of our A330-300 to all of you. The team has worked tirelessly over the past week to bring you this aircraft. Special thanks to @Robo @Captain Nerb (A330 Head) [Z-5] @DEJHUR @Blueberry Lollipop @[Z+1] Qbit 737-800 @cristofer and the entire A330 "Dream Team" for making this come together.


  • Fully custom, built-from-scratch A330-300 model with over 4 months of work with fully custom PBR based textures
  • Semi-custom Cockpit including custom windows, throttles, engine starters, lighting, MCDU changes, and buttons
  • Custom RR 700 engines and sounds provided by ftsim+
  • True to life flight dimensions and characteristics, to be continually improved in future updates

This is still a BETA release

However, one should note that it is by no means a finished product. As Project Mega Pack says, they want to make the aircraft available to the public for testing. There are already some known issues that the team will be continuesly working on after release.

  • Mouse-controlled spoilers and reversers do not work; use keybinds or peripherals to control them
  • Rubber on sidestick is wrong (black, should be blue)
  • No icing or wingflex yet
  • Rudder is too sensitive
  • Incorrect approach speed in the MCDU
  • Throttle issues, we are redoing the throttle for the next update


To install the plane, you just need to open your community folder and unzip the downloaded files there. That's it! Click here to learn how and where you can find your community folder. Please note that A330-300 is not compatible with A32NX. You will need to remove A32NX from your Community folder to get this running properly.

Project Mega Pack is a community-driven project, initially aiming to distribute community created liveries to you with ease. They are well-known for their previously released liveries packs and their Livery Manager. What they do is simple and easy: Instead of downloading liveries one by one, for example from, they combine them all into one large pack to download - with the consent of the creators, of course. Meanwhile, Project Mega Pack expanded and now also offers aircraft, for example the already released Airbus A321. The A330 released today is their next big project, and there is already many more on their roadmap.

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  • please build the boeing b777-200er <3 :) ;) :*  :thumbup: :saint:

  • hope you fix quickly the a32nx compatibility

  • Yes, it's not as detailed as the FlyByWire A320Neo.

    Yes, there are issues to iron out.

    Yes, there are lots of buttons and switches that aren't enabled.

    And yes - I definitely enjoy flying it!

    Having a plane this big available for flying in the sim is a welcome change of pace (and range?) from the norm we've flown over the past few months. (*Yes, the 747 and 787 are even bigger aircraft; no - I haven't flown those aircraft much these days in comparison to learning this one.)

    To the brave soul(s) that decided to make this thing a reality in FS2020 - THANK YOU! :) :thumbup:

  • I'm not so happy that the panels not work with the A32NX mod. i'm very happy about this mod and will not delete these.

    Any idea if there comes any update?

  • I love flying this aircraft. In fact, I am actually enroute from ENGM/EIDW. Couple of issues to note:

    zfw/cgzfw = Out of range

    Take off and cruise = overspeed

    V1 = 231 vr 236 v2 260

    So, far these are some of the many errors out there that I have encountered. :) <3

  • how is the austrian airlines

  • Love it and actually donated to the case. it's a bit glitchy but will work out

  • Why all the panels of the plane are off?

  • This plane has long way to go if you want same quality as A32NX mod. Still missing textures on some parts. Panel lightning looks way to bright. Sure its very first beta, but for me its almost unflyable. I will wait for upcoming updates of the mod.

  • Looks real nice but wont follow flight plan and problem with speeds

  • He gents.Just wondering.Why is it not compatible with the A32NX in the community folder.Cheers

    • The A32NX overrides some of the base game A320 files that are used on the A330 aircraft. Until the A32NX becomes standalone they will not be compatible, as with other aircraft that also use some of the A320 files.

  • I got test your A330-300. It,s incredible easy control. Your a330-300 look very real a330-300. some click sound not appear. it good for me now hope you have often to update.

  • I installed as directed and the it only shows up as a "blank" A330. None of the liveries show up either. I uninstalled the A32NX as well. Please advise.

  • Pics in the article show the wrong throttle quadrant, just FYI. Those look like 737 throttle levers and pitch trim wheel, not A330

    • You were totally right, thanks!

    • any chance to work on different engine variants? GE or PW? Thanks.

    • Guys please correct the fuel burn in this aircraft I absolutely love it but fuel consumption is too low just to give you example ,right now I finished flight ebbr vhhh 5040 NM burn only 35 tons in 11 h please ,please fix this in next update