World Update III: UK & Ireland Now Available!

After a small delay, the third World Update has been released - Version With this update, the UK and Ireland get loads of new points of interests as well as some handcrafted airports and some photogrammetry for several cities. As always, we'll quickly go over some things to keep in mind when updating the game regarding your addons. You can watch the YouTube launch trailer here.

IMPORTANT: As with any of the previous world updates, the overhauled UK & Ireland won't be turned on by default. If you want to use the overhaul, you have to "purchase" it (for free) via the in-game marketplace. After you have "purchased" and downloaded the content, you'll find it in your content manager where it will automatically be enabled.

Do I need to do anything with add-ons in the community folder?

Asobo notes that there are a couple of steps you should take after downloading the update:

  1. If you are using the manual cache feature, please make sure to delete it via the in-game menu and create an updated version as we performed some backend technical updates.
  2. Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.
  3. After you download the newest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, head to the Marketplace to download the free World Update.

You should be fine leaving your addons in your community folder. However, if you run into any issues when running the game, you might want to try removing your addons first to see if that has resolved the issues. Also keep in mind that any UK or Ireland scenery previously downloaded might conflict with the new update and scenery, so we'd recommend removing any UK/Ireland content at first and then adding them back in to see if there are conflicts.

What is the file size of the update?
The main app update is approximately 300 MB and the downloadable content in-game is approximately 22 GB. As always, the download size may vary depending on what version of the game you have purchased. The World Update III: UK & Ireland package in the marketplace is approximately 5 GB.

Patch Notes

The forum post with these patch notes can be found here.

Comments 12

  • It’s there anyway to get the update without marketplace?

  • please build the a330model

  • great update for the areas that's covered but, as usual Great Britain actually means England - almost of the high res cities are in england (except Dublin). No hi res Edinburgh or Glasgow or even the 3 bridges on the Forth. Thank god for the developers here and ORBX

    • You do know that you need to "buy" (for free) and download stuff from the marketplace after the main update ... Forth bridges and quite a lot of Scottish "points of interest" (esp. castles) included.

  • se me ha cortado la actualización y ahora no me deja volar en meteorología real. ¿Como puedo reiniciar la actualizacion?

  • looks like 32 gb of ram isnt enough to fly in this new uk, flying around london city takes almost whole ram whit lots of hangs due to using the virtual memory on the hard drive, other than that it looks amazing

  • Market place greyed out and content manager just hangs, no thing happens! Update fault?

  • If only online worked so I can download the update via content manager

  • excited :) to see this

    • Je redécouvre Londres, c'est extra, petit bémol pour le village Olympique la démarcation satellite est un peu trop voyante

      Le comporte avionique a passé un cap

      Félicitations !