Liveries Mega Pack – Version X – Final Release

Final version of Clink123’s megapack just launched today, providing liveries for every single aircraft in Flight Simulator 2020. Users can now download liveries one-by-one and install them with the new installation method, which allows to simply drag and drop the desired liveries in the Community folder of Flight Simulator 2020 installation. In previous versions, users had to download a single large archive file containing all liveries – even such that you didn’t really wanted to have. Now the Megapack team is using a Google Drive shared folder where users can choose which liveries they want to download.

Quote from Clink123

With the release of the new method the Mega Pack has changed in ways that now allows our team to provide pack updates much quicker and without the need for a huge download. The new mega pack includes all liveries in a simple drag and drop format. Simply download the folder of the livery you want, drop it into community, and start up MSFS 2020! The mega pack now includes liveries for EVERY SINGLE aircraft in MSFS 2020, including the premium ones!

You can find the Google Drive folder here. A corresponding YouTube tutorial has been uploaded as well. The new megapack version features more than 300 liveries. In addition, livery creators can choose between 22 templates for aircraft livery creation. Submissions for new liveries in megapack can be done via their Discord server.

Known Issues

However, who wants to download the entire mega pack needs in 587 MB space. Currently, the team is also investigating some issues.