FlightControlReplay 4.5 launched - Replay your flights in MSFS

If there's one thing that Flight Simulator fans can't wait to have, it's the ability to rewatch their flights. The Replay functionality is at the top of Asobo's weekly published Top Wishes list by the community, and is currently ranked #2. According to Asobo, their replay functionality for the sim is in "Prototype" state and will be released sometime in 2021. That could mean in a few weeks, or in the worst case, not until the end of 2021. Yet for many, a replay functionality is an essential core feature of a Flight Simulation game that should've already been included with the release of Flight Simulator.

However, a third-party application being sold on simMarket now opens up the possibility to replay of your own flights - it's called FlightControlReplay by Fabio Merlo. The application was today updated to version 4.5, making it also compatible for Microsoft Flight Simulator. FlightControlReplay previously allowed to record flights in FSX and P3D. Customers who already own FlightControlReplay receive the update free of charge, others will need to buy it.

How exactly does FlightControlReplay work?

This application is not quite comparable to a native built-in replay functionality. Basically, you open up the application and click the Record button from the moment you want to record your flight. After that, you can minimize the tool, because from now on, it records the most important flight movements and parameters. After you finished your flight, you click on Stop Recording. To replay your flight, you need to Load the previously saved data within the tool. At this time, Flight Simulator will load a new flight / scenario, so to speak. But this time you won't be flying yourself, instead Fabio's tool will fly the plane, using the previously saved information, and you can sit back and watch this flight from different angles. You can also change the weather or the playback speed, for example. Captain Mayday explained the most important features of this tool.

Is it worth to buy?

Admittedly, the design and user interface are more reminiscent of a toy from the last century. However, it does what it is supposed to do. FlightControlReplay closes an essential gap for many people, as the replay feature is still missing in Flight Simulator. For many, there is nothing better than watching your own landings or your crazy stunts from a passenger's perspective, for example. Nevertheless, one should be aware: Asobo is obviously already working on a replay function. We just don't know when it will be released, yet it is expected to drop this year. In doubt, the in-house solution by Asobo will be better and more user-friendly integrated - and most importantly: it will be free.

If you can't wait and have been longing for a replay functionality, FlightControlReplay will be a good interim solution, and the price of about 20 USD is worth it, as it is a savior for those who desperately need a replay function. However, if replays are only a minor matter for you, I'm sure you will have no problem waiting for Asobo to implement the feature themselves. In addtion, Fabio's tool still has some bugs, as it just came out of closed beta. At least for me, the game crashed a few times at the end of a replay, for example. Some users complain about random crashes and malfunctions, others can't get the replay working properly, as it it may take you some time to get used to the tool in general. As it uses workaround to enable replays, a seamless playback in flight will probaly not be possible.

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  • please build the boeing 777 aircraft

  • 268/5 000

    Résultats de traduction

    Logiciel qui plante le jeu à chaque fois, j'ai écrit à SIMARKET pour le remboursement, il refuse et me dit de contacter directement le vendeur. J'ai envoyé un mail au vendeur qui ne m'a pas répondu donc j'ai perdu 18 € Je trouve déplorable que SIMARKET couvre les voleurs

  • I don't believe that I purchased for such software while there is a free which I the best!! The free version worked perfectly fine with save/load which on the other software every time I used save/load MSFS CTD

    Sorry but both payed software which there is out there are useless!!!!

  • 👍 Here's a free MSFS replay add-on...


    From there, in addition to a discussion on it, there is a link to a video on how to use it. 👀

    • Thanks mate! It's a great tool, the best I would say

  • Hi, please note, that for the moment, Simmarket does NOT offer a free update and demands the full cost of 15 EUR. At least in my case. (I do possess the previous version for FSX/P3D).

    I have just written to them asking to solve the discrepancy.

    I any of you, guys, have a different experience updating the software, please advise on that forum.

    All best wishes!

  • i bought this and my game crashes if i use it. So guys wait a couple of months and always watch the youtube influencers for more detailles and info before you buy. :(

  • I am using FS Playground, better alternative to a crashing client.

  • As it seems not to be stable, i would not recommend buying it. besides, msfs already announced that they will build in a replay mode this year and it shall be already finished so far, so just wait a few months!

  • I saw a video of Swiss001 on this, where his version crashed constantly, so stability is not the best probably.

    Its also obviously an adjustment to the old one used for FSX and P3D to be compatible with MSFS, so that would explain the very old and somewhat less than desirable user experience.

    Of course Asobo will probably bring out the replay functionality soon (as mentioned in the article), but if you don't want to wait, it could be worth it. I suggest watching a few reviews on it first though, because I've seen a few that have mentioned the crashing to be pretty bad for a 17 Euro product.

  • I had a bad experience with FS Playground, I pay for it and it was the same as pay for a big package of bugs and features that not work well. Not sure if this one is good. They should make a trial version to check if it is worth to pay for it, otherwise I will not pay again.

    • All I can say is, I have used this for 4 weeks now with no problems whatsoever. Perhaps you should get in touch with the creator, he is very helpful. I just want to point out an alternative replay tool to the community, not start any arguments

    • У меня есть и контрольный полет переигровки и ФС площадки. FCR намного хуже и нестабильно. Но FS Playground меня во всем устраивает. Намного стабильнее, без глюков. Множество функций. Постоянное обновление.

  • Does anyone have problems with Flight Control Replay 4.5 ?

    On my computer, MSFS crach to desktop as soon as I launch FCR (last version 4.5.2102.9).

    Can someone help me?

    Thank's ;(

    • I had this problem, you aren't running the correct file. U need to find the location of the file your opening (right click then properties) Go to that location and there is one applicationd which says for msfs use that one

    • Thank's a lot.

      I hope that the editor explain this for all.

  • Why should I pay for this? ASOBO will implement a replay funktion this year, and it has prototype status. It is interesting for people who can't wait, or people who want to pay double.....

    • Why should you pay for it?.....

      you don't have to pay for it if you don't want it, no one is forcing you to buy it!

      ASOBO will implement a replay function.....

      They might do they might not, will it be as good as this who knows, judging by the delays to get some of the basics fixed I doubt this is high on ASOBO's list of priorities.

      It's interesting for people who can't wait or want to pay double.....

      Clearly you're not interested but still you felt need to comment, and how would they pay double?

      No need to reply I won't be reading it!

    • This is a free mod site! Is this for free now or do you have to pay for it?

  • There is also FS Playground which has a great replay function, It also has aircraft teleportation and weather seeking capabilities and is being actively developed