Airbus A380X by FlyByWire - Previewed

Developer FlyByWire is already well known for its very popular aircraft mod A32NX - an open-source A320neo realism enhancement. However, some time ago FlyByWire also announced that they are working on an A380 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, as you can read here. The plane is expected to be open-source and free too. Since then, however, we haven't heard much. Here and there there were small previews on the official FBW Discord server. But yesterday the team released more insights during their fourth episode of FlyByWire's In the Hangar podcast, which you can listen to here. Click the video below to start the podcast at 44:00 where the A380 previews begin.

During their In the Hangar podcast primarily the current developments around the A32NX were shown. But the A380 also got a brief mention towards the middle-end. They showed us the overhead panel, pedestal, an engine switch, and nose landing gear. All parts are modeled, but the textures are still missing. So it's still pure base color, don't be surprised. Also, the pictures on the system displays of the pedestal are only static pictures, not a working system. This is obviously because FlyByWire wanted to round off the preview.

Unfortunately, we don't know yet when exactly we can expect a release. It seems that the developers are still in the early stages, but they are making good progress, as the latest previews show.

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  • how expensive will that aircraft be? when the aircraft is released

    • i think like 40-50 , idk

    • its going to be a freeware i don't think they are gonna put a price on it

  • how much is this going to cost? will it be as good and useable as default MSFS2020 planes created?

  • can't wait to buy it and use it

  • Personally I would be prepared to pay for it! Undoubtedly the effort to produce this aircraft from scratch will be immense and therefore they should be compensated for their efforts.

  • Good job flybywire! Looking forward to it

  • Take your time brother... do not let the other kids push you around. They need to get out of parents' basement and maybe have a life.

  • I'm so ready

  • Oh, I cant wait! Thanks so so much for doing this!

  • Thank you so much You have an awesome team.... Thanks again

  • Nice! Looking forward to it!

  • Wow, thank you way so so much FWB team !

  • Very much looking forward to this! Guys (and girls) at FBW thank you SOOOO much for all you do! Your mods add so much to the fun we have at MSFS!

  • Super :)

  • This is the best i ever seen in mfs2020 :)

  • absolutely amazing work! :)

  • I agree with Ash, I also have spent a fortune on PMDG for FSX and PMDG. I do love their aircraft but I'm quite enjoying learning the A32NX mod at the moment which is a new learning curve as I've never really flown the Airbus before. No doubt I'll get a least one aircraft from PMDG at a later date, but there's plenty to do in MSFS to keep me occupied for now.


  • @ ca787546 Once PMDG and possibly Flightfactor come into play it will be a totally different ballgame. The A32NX mod is quite alright, so the A380 will probably turn out right too, but I am still waiting for the 737 747 by PMDG myself, it makes flying sims so much more fun.

    Cheers, Marc

    • Whilst I agree that PMDG's models are epic, having already brought the same aircraft twice for FSX and then P3D, this time round I'm going to see how the community does with the asobo aircraft for a while before deciding whether to splash out another £100+ for the payware ones ^^

    • I can understand that, did the same for FS 2004 and FSX, I have been investing in that company. But a good 747-400 or 737-800 with full functionality is worth the money, I believe. Having said that I haven't had this much fun flying VFR in a sim. It's a lot of fun flying in a Cessna 172.

      Cheers, Marc

  • amazing plane, love it!

    Thank's all of you for your great works!

  • As a former A380 Captain in RL, I'm definitely excited to see my old bird in MSFS! Hope it lives up to the hype and it not be a major disappointment like all the airliners in MSFS so far :(

    • stop flexing

    • Hahaha Babo yea I agree, this homie has lived our dreams!!:D

    • Make sure to get in contact with FlyByWire, they need A380 pilots to help them make it as realistic as possible.

  • Muito bom

  • this is gonna be awesome! hats off to the team at FlyBy Wire for doing that for free for us simmers!

  • Will it be payware?

    • if you can read.... The plane is expected to be open-source and free too

    • The Flybywire Team is not a Commercial Team,

      many Flightsim Fans work on this Plane. You can Visit the

      Discord from the Flybywire Team.

      This Guys are so asome!

  • i am waiting on fire to have this masterpiece of aircraft forca FlyByWire