Aerosoft delays CRJ Release to Q1 2021 - Teaser shared

Aerosoft's CRJ might be one of the most requested payware add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator at the moment. It promises high quality and is highly anticipated by Flight Simulator fans. Last month, developers at Aerosoft said: "The moment Asobo delivers the bits we need we can complete the project pretty fast. This year is very possible if the conditions are correct.". Hopes for a release in the same year were high. In one of their weekly Dev Updates, also Asobo showed to be "increasingly hopeful" that Aerosoft will be able to launch the CRJ before holiday 2020.

Now the developers have spoken out again in a forum post and announced that they will have to postpone the release until the first quarter of 2021.

In this regard we have a concern and we’ll keep it short: We made a really tough decision to postpone the CRJ release into the first quarter of next year. This decision wasn't easy for us, because we know how much anticipation there is in the community for this add-on.

We have decided to do so, because we want to deliver a CRJ that meets all expectations, but we have not reached this level yet. We need more time for the development and beta testing. We hope the additional time allows us to complete the necessary work to provide the highest quality and the best possible experience for you right from the start.

Aerosoft decided to postpone the release to have more time for development and beta testing, which is probably a good decision that, in the end, everyone will benefit from. However, fortunately, there is a small compensation. The first teaser has been released, and it shows the incredible detail put in this plane - eventhough it's only 30 seconds in length, enjoy.

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  • never knew i couldnt download this

  • Any idea as to what this add-on might cost?

  • why is Aerosoft almost the only one making aircrafts for MSFS? In X-plane I did have almost 500 different well funtioning aircrafts. With MSFS it seems that hardly any design company care to make or convert any of their planes to MSFS.

    • What are you talking about? Everyone is developing for MSFS - from both previous simulator platforms. Aerosoft, PMDG, Majestic, Toliss, FSLabs, Carenado, A2A, Milviz...what makes you think nobody is developing for the new sim? I hope you realize it takes a LOT of time to build these incredibly complex pieces of software from scratch in an entirely new platform that nobody is familiar with, using a half-decent SDK. PMDG themselves have even stated that the only thing holding them back right now is the lack of a good SDK. Even then, they still stated that they would be releasing their products within the year. So I really don't know how you could come to the conclusion that nobody cares about the new simulator. Are you actually researching any of these developers any before you type?

    • Agree with Doom 100%. This Alfme has absolutely no clue whats going on and is just jumping to conclusions

    • This is caused by the rush to have all the products .... NOW. But you have to be patient, everything will come

    • Code
      PMD develops a 777 for mfs2020 TFDI develops md-11 Quality wing dev the 787 which will be better than the base 787 Flybywire is improving day by day the 320n dev the 380 and in the process also goes dev the 219 and Whiskey Jet Simulation dev the 220
  • Are Aerosoft "study level" aircraft at, say PMDG level? I know "study level" means anything and nothing, I just mean would this be as detailed to fly as the PDMG? Could you fly on VATSIM IFR properly? (I guess we shall see when it comes out!)

    Would be a great plane for a grand tour of the USA smaller regionals!

    • Study level is a marketing term. Aerosoft addons are realistic enough. PMDG is overpriced and overrated.

      Of course you could fly it on vatsim IFR without any issues.

  • Why is it such an anticipated aircraft? (Serious question... I always fly GAs in the sim.)

    • I think there are a few reasons for that...

      (1) Aerosoft typically makes really high quality stuff, so anything they put out is of interest to the general community (usually).

      (2) There has always been a lack of mid-range commercial jets in the release versions of Microsoft's simulators, so this fills a hole in the aircraft lineup.

      (3) It gives the people running/participating in virtual airlines more flexibility and realism, as smaller airlines aren't exactly running A320s or B737s into small regional airports...

      Just my $.02

    • Cool. Makes sense. Thanks!

    • I'm almost certainly gonna buy this bad boy, but is it a general perception that it's going to be a vast improvement over WT's CJ4?

    • I'm waiting for their Twin Otter, was excellent in FSX

    • @KevyKevTPA they're entirely different kind of planes, hard to compare perhaps

  • That is a nice teaser.....

  • Now that it's 2021, we know that it's coming between now and March 31, 2021 (last day before Q2).

  • It stinks that they decided to postpone thr CRJ release a while longer because I am really anticipating this plane. I've held off buying any other plane waiting for this. However, I want them to get it right the first time. Thanks for the teaser vid. Have to admit its making the wait worse lol.

    • I think we all want a bug free Aircraft.

      So if they need the Time they should use it.

    • The recent update basically disabled all the aircraft systems , Asobo doing what they do best ;):P

    • how much USD is it going to cost?