FS Development Update – Aerosoft CRJ coming this holidays?

This week’s update from Asobo has arrived and with it comes a new Partnership Series update, roadmap update and information of some improvements to the SDK. Asobo announced Update #7 coming next Tuesday 24th November, including World Update II: North America, which will include updated ground imagery for free.

Major Sim Updates every two to three months

As usual, Asobo has shared their development roadmap and feedback snapshot with us. The current roadmap ends at the end of November. So from next week we will get a new roadmap, which should roughly show the planned publications up until February. Sim Updates are core updates that will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. There will be a major Sim Update every two to three months. Asobo updated their Feedback Snapshot with more specific information regarding scheduled release dates and here’s a brief overview of the most important that we found:

What’s coming 2021?

  • Replay Functionality
  • Scenery Gateway System
  • Improved Mountain Terrain
  • Freeware Category for MSFS Marketplace
  • Removed Ground Vehicles from Active Runways
  • Taxiway Sign Improvements
  • Improved Pushback System
  • Improved Real Time Traffic
  • Beta Previews before Releasing a Patch (Q1-Q2)

What’s scheduled for 2022 or even later?

  • Multiple Screens Functionality
  • Updated Cities and Airports in South Korea
  • Helicopters
  • Trains

In addition to that, Asobo announced slight SDK and Third Party Updates, such as 18 new payware partners and 13 new products for the in-sim store. 150 Third Party Products seem to be nearing a release state, 250 more are in production. Last but not least, the last part of Asobo’s Update includes an interview with Jorg Neumann, Head of Flight Simulator. He tells us about his career, gives some private insights and tells the story of the Flight Simulator since it started in 2016. Anyone interested can read the interview at the end of the dev article.

Asobo expects Aerosoft CRJ to drop before holidays this Year

Aerosoft is currently working hard to bring a Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet – CRJ – to Microsoft Flight Simulator. So far, Project Manager Mathijs Kok at Aerosoft shared several insights and information regarding development process. Last month, Kok said: “The moment Asobo delivers the bits we need we can complete the project pretty fast. This year is very possible if the conditions are correct.” – in their latest dev update, Asobo showed to be “increasingly hopeful” that Aerosoft will be able to launch the CRJ before holiday this year. For more information of development, head over to Aerosoft Forums.